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    Dear Applicant,

    Thanks for showing interest in our server and deciding to help it improve and develop! You will have to follow the template below when writing your application. Attempt to include as many details as possible as it gives us a good view of our hopefully future staff member!

    You are only allowed to apply for Trainee, you shall work your way up from there, if you would like to apply for Developer or Builder, pm me on Discord: Syntax#9634

    Please keep in mind that before submitting your application, you must read this:

    Application Format
    In-game Username:
    Discord Username and #:

    What is your playtime on our server?:

    Why do you wish to become staff on MCWarriors?:

    How do you feel that you can improve the Server?:

    Have you had any previous experience as a staff member before?:

    Can you tell us a little more about yourself as a person?:

    Is there anything you would like to mention?:
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